• Students are expected to study vocabulary as often as possible, as it is reviewed repeatedly throughout the week.

    Vocabulary is always taught Monday & Tuesday of the week, followed by a more detailed lesson on Wednesday that collaborates the vocabulary for the week. It is imperative that student's are present for these lessons, as they are hard to learn independently. 

    Thursday's will always be our "Study Guide Day," which we review EOG questions about the week's lesson, identifying key words in open discussions.

    Friday's students will be tested to assess their comprehension of the lesson for the week. The test will consist of 25 multiple choice questions, and the vocabulary quiz will consist of ten matching definitions to the week's vocabulary words.  

    On Friday's the following will be collected and entered into the gradebook:

    • Starters for the Week (5 questions at the start of every class that review's the previous lesson) Classwork Grade (counts as 40% of total grade)
    • Studyguide from the previous day as we disussed key information on EOG questions related to the standard. Homework Grade (counts as 10% of total grade)
    • Standards Unit Test, which consists of 25 multiple choice questions and 2 bonus questions, maximum score being 110. Test Grade (Counts for 30% of total grade)
    • Weekly Vocabulary Quiz, which consists of ten matching vocabulary definition questions, with 2 bonuses, maximum score being 110. Quiz Grade (counts for 20% of total grade)