Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    Welcome!!!!! I am excited and energized about working with your student this school year. My plan is to challenge your student to meet high expectations without lowering the expectations. This course syllabus is a brief overview of what we will be learning, together, and my expectations of your student so that we can optimize the time that we have to work. If you review these expectations with your student and work with me to help your student meet them, then most of our time together will be focused on education and the success of your student. The best way to contact me is to call the school and leave a message. (910)738-2514. You can also send notes with your student and I will respond by sending a note home or calling your home.



    • Improve reading skills (examples: inferences, sequencing, comprehension, and application).

    • Improve writing skills (examples: organization, conventions, spelling, and voice).

    • Work on organization and study skills.

    • Improve critical thinking skills.

    • Improve communication in an academic setting by shared inquiry method and accountable talk.

    • Improve cooperative group work.


    Grading Scale:

           90-100 A

            80-89 B

            70-79 C

            60-69 D

            0-59 F


    Ways to Succeed/Study Tips:

    •  Make flash cards (vocabulary words).
    • Alphabetic Knowledge 
    • Phonemic Awarness



    Classroom Expectations for ALL STUDENTS:

    1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats before the tardy bell

    sounds.(READY for CLASS)

    2. Students are expected to stay in his/her assigned seat throughout the class period.

    3. Students will be taught and expected to use proper protocol for communication. (Respectful)

    4. Students will have all books and materials in class each day. (Responsibility)

    5. The teacher will dismiss students at the end of the class period.

    6. Students will participate in classroom/team activities.

    7. Students will do their best!




    Students who are in violation of the rules will receive consequences including phone calls home and detentions. Students who repetitively violate the rules will go through these Classroom interventions, which include the following:

    1. Warning

    2. Proximity change (removal of student from distraction – i.e. time-out, change of seat, etc.)

    3. Student/Teacher Conference

    4. Phone Call Home

    5. Parent/Teacher Conference

    6. Administrative Referral