Orrum Middle School


    Mr. Mike Lovin - Instructor

    Welcome to Business Education


    The objective of Business Education courses is to help students learn how to use Word Processing Software. This is an excellent vehicle to use to learn keyboarding and various programs within Software. This will aid students in use word processing software to develop their writing skills and to complete assignments in the future. Students will reinforce their word processing skills, which will in turn bolster their creative writing skills such proofreading and editing skills, proper formatting guidelines for personal and business correspondence. Also, students will have the opportunity to explore the world of Personal Business while using what they have learned. 




    1. Always show respect.

    ·        Respect the Faculty/Staff

    ·        Respect your School

    ·        Respect Your Classmates

    1. Be in class on time to avoid being tardy.
    2. No unapproved websites will be allowed.
    3. No Candy/Food/Drinks/Gum in class at any time.
    4. No Hand Lotion in class at any time.