• Listed below are several vocabulary strategies I use to help facilitate student understanding of terms they receive.  Along with these strategies I also utilize charades, pictionary, and various forms of "guess that word" activities. 
     memory cue graphic organizer
    Word                                        Meaning                                         Memory cue
    1.  morose                         sad; gloomy; sullen                           use a visual image:  :-(
                                                                                                      use an example:  a mother at a child's funeral
                                                                                                      use a synonym:  unhappy
                                                                                                       use a sentence:  Shelia was morose after her boyfriend broke up with her
                                                                                                      use a word association:  I see the word rose in the term morose.  A dead rose pops into my mind as a symbol for death or 
                                                                                                      darkness which I can easily associate with sadness or gloominess.
    *****Note:  when completing this graphic organizer you are required to give only one memory cue for each word
    word mapping strategy:
    acrostics strategy:
    brazen:  excessively bold
    roy is always fighting; he stays in trouble
    a daredevil
    zoo keeper
    eve jumped in the teacher's face and demanded respect
    never afraid
    bedlam:  complete confusion, chaos
    boston bombing
    excitement everywhere
    destruction sometimes occurs
    law enforcement losing control of a crowd
    a riot
    may be noisy
    word: terminate:  to end; to abort (part of speech:  verb)
    1.  Joann will terminate her unplanned pregnancy.  (In this sentence, terminate is part of the verb "will terminate"----  just like Joann is a noun and her is a pronoun--these are called parts of speech.  Remember, every word/phrase in a sentence has a purpose/function.)  
    2.   The business partners terminated their contract with the crooked client.  Part of speech--verb
    3.  Sometimes the termination of an unhealthy relationship is the only answer.  part of speech--noun
    4.  The leader, of the violent gang, is often called the Terminator; he has killed many men. part of speech--noun
    ****There are other changes to make with the term, terminate; but, this should suffice as an example. 
    Word associations strategy:
    Context clues skills:  types and examples