• Art Syllabus

    Teri Ussery

    Why ART?

     There’s more to Art class than meets the eye. In addition to developing artistic skills and appreciation of art forms, students are actively engaged in problem-solving,creative thinking and divergent thinking through various “problems” or Studio Assignments. These are skills that can be translated into other classes and other areas of their lives. Lessons are based upon the Common Core and Essential Standards.


    Assignments may be changed or adjusted as needed


     •Art Elements – Line Practice

    •Color Wheel and Color Schemes Resource Sheet

    •“Personal Statement” Sketchbook Cover Collage Design


    Students will create a design incorporating shading/shape/form, color schemes, proportions, basic still life drawing.Point-of-view and distance incorporate the cubist style


     •Contour drawing exercises

    •Pen and ink techniques

    Students will use various techniques to create contour drawings from observation.

     Students will use printmaking techniques to create “multiple originals.”


    Students will use contours, flat shape value, and painting techniques to create a composition that shows the illusion of form.


    Students will use printmaking techniques to create “multiple originals.”

    3-D FORMS

    Students will create an original open form sculpture using mixed media materials

    Students will create a representational or abstract sculpture with recyclable materials.


     Studio Projects are evaluated by originality, creative expression, craftsmanship, and completion.

     Tests are derived from the study of art concepts, art history, artists, art mediums, techniques.

     Class work and the Art Notebook are evaluated according to assignment requirements.

    Starters are evaluated according to completeness and quality of responses.

    Due Dates

    Studio Assignments are completed in class only due to the fact that most artwork is cumbersome to transport and supplies/tools cannot be removed the Art room-


    If the student can responsibly transport the artwork without folding or damaging it and with special permission, students may take an assignment home if there is a special need.

    If a student has used his or her time wisely during class,work will be accepted late with no penalty.

    Daily Materials:

     REQUIRED: pencils,notebooks, handheld eraser, colored pencils

    SUGGESTED: hand-held pencil sharpener


    60% projects, 20% classwork, homework, 20% tests, quizzes and reports


     If you have questions or concerns, please email me at teri.ussery@robeson.k12.nc.us. I am also available at

    910-522-5013 during planning.  I look forward to seeing what our young artists will create this year!