• Green Grove Elementary School's History

    Green Grove Elementary is part of a rural farming community located in the southeastern part of Robeson County.  It is approximately six miles northwest of the city limits of Fairmont on State Road 2422. 

    In 1885, legislative action by the North Carolina General Assembly mandated the establishment of separate schools for Indians residing in Robeson County.  Prior to this legislation, no formal schooling was provided for Robeson County Indians.  Green Grove School originated in 1887 as a result of this legislation.  School was first held in Reedy Branch Baptist Church.  The church was located on a rural dirt road (now State Road 2422) approximately two miles east of McDonald, North Carolina.  Later, the school was moved to a one-room wooden building erected on State Road 1003.  It was called the Joe Branch School.  As student enrollment increased, another room was added to this school.

    Joe Branch School existed until the early 1920's.  In August of 1921, the Robeson County Board of Education purchased two acres of land from Elizabeth Townsend by guardian May G. Bain for the construction of a new school.  These two acres are a part of the present day 9.24 acre site located on rural State Road 2422.  A four-room school building was constructed on this site and named Green Grove School for the beautiful grove of oak trees surrounding the area.  The original building was destroyed by fire in 1929. Immediately, plans were made to rebuild another school at the Green Grove site.  This phase of construction included two separate buildings: a five-classroom school building and a house for teachers.  The five classrooms were eventually sub-divided to provide accommodations for high school students.

    In 1940, a four-room brick structure was constructed adjacent to the main building.  This building is currently being used for second and third grade classrooms.  As the student enrollment increased at Green Grove and additional classrooms were needed, more land was purchased by Robeson County Board of Education.  In December 1943, three and four tenths acres of land were purchased from Sam C. Floyd.

    In 1944, the main building was once again destroyed by fire.  The students in grades 1-6 met classes in Reedy Branch Church for the remainder of the school term.  During the fall of 1944, students in grades 1-6 were transferred to a school in the McDonald community.  This school had been closed earlier when McDonald School was consolidated with Rowland School. In 1952, a new brick school building was constructed at the Green Grove site.  The elementary grades returned to Green Grove School.  During this same year, the high school from Green Grove and the high school from Fairmont consolidated to form Fairgrove High School at Fairmont.

    After the reconstruction of the main building at Green Grove School, the need for the further expansion was evident when one acre of land was purchased form J.W. Hunt in 1955.  A combination gymnasium/auditorium was added to the main building.  In 1958, two additional classrooms were added to the east wing of the main building.

    In 1962, two and eighty-four hundredths acres of land were purchased from Charlie Warwick for the construction of a cafeteria.  This building was completed in 1963.

    A media center, built in 1976, is the most recent addition to the Green Grove School site. However, renovations to the main building have occurred on several occasions since then.

    After the desegregation of the Robeson County Schools and changes in school district lines, there was a need for reorganization of grade assignments and grade levels between Green Grove and Hilly Branch School.  Beginning with the 1970-71 school year, students in K-3 were assigned to Hilly Branch and students in grades 4-8 were assigned to Green Grove.  These assignments continued until 1978.  Again changes occurred in school assignment for students residing within the Green Grove and Hilly Branch boundary.  The new changes involved Fairgrove School.  In the fall of 1978, students in grades K-3 were assigned to Green Grove, students in grades 4-8 were assigned to Fairgrove School, and Hilly Branch became what is currently know as the Robeson County Career Center.