• What are RUNNERS?

    RUNNERS is a reading strategy that we use to break down passages and questions. This strategy, if bought into by students, will increase their ability to break down the text and answer the questions that have been placed before them. By previewing the questions, students will have a much better grasp on what they are about to read, and they will also know some of what they are looking for while they're reading. The following are the steps in the RUNNERS process:
     = Read the title, look at any graphics, pictures, subheadings, etc. to determine genre
     = Underline important key words in the questions and answer choices
     N = Number the paragraphs
     = Now read the selection, and as you read... 
     E  = Enclose key words and clues that can help you find answers
     = Re-read the questions and eliminate illogical answer choices
     = Select the best answer choice