Dear Parents/Guardians,

     It is with great pleasure that I welcome you and your child to the Rowland Middle School family. My name is Myra Baker and I will be your child’s CTE Teacher.  He/she will receive instructions preparing them for computer proficiency and career readiness.  This course will include the following:

     6th Grade

    • Module 2 Alpha Keys
    • Module 3 Numeric and Symbol Keys
    • Module 4 Building Speed and Accuracy
    • Module 5 Word Processing Basics

     7th Grade 

    • Module 6 Word Advanced Business Documents
    • Module 7 Spreadsheet Basics
    • Module 10 Presentation Basics
    • Module 11 Presentation Techniques

    8th Grade

    • Exploring Personal Characteristics and Careers
    • Exploring Careers and Employment
    • Digital Literacy
    • Simulated Workplace
    • FBLA

     My classroom grading scale will include:

    10% - Bell work/Homework

    10% - Technique

    20% - Class Participation

    25% - Class Assignments

    35% - Project/Quiz/Test

    The student is expected:

    1. To be ready for class when the bell rings with all necessary material. Items needed for class includes: Flash Drive, Pencil, and Paper.
    2. Hall passes will be written on your child school planner. No Planner No Pass
    3. To attend class regularly and to make up any work missed while student were absent.  MAKE-UP WORK IS STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY!!!  Any work missed should be made up within three (3) class periods following the absence.  Unexcused absences equal no make-up work.
    4. To do their BEST work at all times and to PLEASE ask questions if they do not understand something.
    5. To fully comply with classroom rules and the Robeson County Internet Policy. 

     My discipline policy is as follows:

     First Offense – Warning

    Second Offense – Note/Phone call home

    Third Offense – Referral to Guidance Counselor/Team Conference/Principal

    Being prepared for class is an important part of achieving established goals. This course contains an End of Course Test, yes, it counts just as much as your Math and Reading EOG's!!! students will also use the Internet in this class. It is important that students have on file an Internet Agreement form. Please encourage your son/daughter to always do their best in class. 

    Again, let me welcome you to Rowland Middle and thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.  If you have any concerns or would like to schedule a conference, please feel free to contact me at (910) 422-4183.  My planning is from 8:00 am - till 9:30 am.  I look forward to working with your child and having a wonderful, exciting school year that will be filled with learning and fun.




    Myra Baker

    6th-8th Grade

    Business/Computer Skills Teacher  


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