AIG Testing Information 

    Teachers and parents are urged to refer student candidates for AIG screening/testing by the end of each school year. This allows the AIG teacher to screen each student's grades for the entire year and obtain parent, student, and teacher surveys/observations. Please make all referrals in writing

    AIG testing will take place the last week of September and first week of October each year. Students must have completed and met the screening criteria in order to be tested for the AIG program. The screening process includes having an A average in Reading and/or Math for the entire previous year, and at least 85% scores on student, teacher, and parent surveys.


    Students who successfully pass the screening process will take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills the last week of September and Cognitive Abilities Test the first week in October. Students must be present for both tests.


    After tests are scored, written notification will be sent home and the AIG Teacher will be available to meet with parents to review all scores and discuss possible student placement. 

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