• Figurative Language is language that is not meant to be taken literally!

    We use it every day! It is used in many kinds of literature - poetry, prose as well as drama.

    Your project:
    After class review of all types of figurative language.
    You will choose five different kinds of figurative language.
    Then using Youtube, your music or another music site on the internet, you will find one example of each kind of figurative language you have chosen.
    After you find the music you will then use the parts of each song that has the figurative language you have chosen and drop it (music clip) into
    a PowerPoint presentation.
    Within the slides, you will define the figurative language, type out the lyrics that use figurative language and place the icon for the music to play.
    A more detailed description as well as a grading rubric will be given when this is assigned along with due dates for each part of the project.