1.    Enter quietly, log-on and be prepared for class.

     2.    Do not play with or unplug equipment.

     3.    Do not use the internet unless told to do so by teacher.

     4.    Bring necessary materials to class every day.

     5.    No food, drink, or chewing gum allowed in class.

     6.    Complete and turn in assignments on time.

     7.    Follow directions the first time given.

     8.    Raise hand and wait to be recognized before speaking or getting up out of seat.

     9.    Respect yourself, others, and school properties.

     10. Give your undivided attention to teacher.

     11. Personal Cd’s, cell phones, etc. are prohibited.

     12. Exit all programs and return all materials at the end of class.




     First Offense – Warning

     Second Offense – Note/Phone call home

     Third Offense – Referral to Guidance Counselor/Team Conference/Principal