•          7th Grade Reports Due Dates (Asia/Africa) and Supply List
             Social Studies
         Mr. Holt
    Bring pencil and paper to class each and every day. We have projects throughout the year, and the supplies the students will need,  will vary according to the project at hand. Each Student will be required to do two written reports/oral presentations; A 1200 word report on a country in Asia, ( November 19-26), and the other a 1200 word report on a country in Africa, ( Due; April 1-9). Students will know the exact date of their reports/oral presention before the 20th of September, (2019). Your due date will be posted by your name, on the class roster in the back of the classroom. A rubric will be given to each student.
    1. Composition Book, in this tablet you will write your Bell Work/Starter activity, (this composition book will remain in the classroom)!
    2. Coloring Pencils/Crayons, (pack of at least 8).
    3. Folder, (2), (for your reports on Asia and Africa).