• Mr. Robert Mclean 
    Middle School Health & Physical Education

    What you will learn:

    In this health and physical education class, you will have the opportunity to participate and learn about a variety of physical activities. You will learn about the rules, etiquette, strategies and skills related to that activity. 

    We will be working on health related physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition).

    For the health education component of this class, you will be learning about the proper nutrition needed to help your body function in a healthy way.

    You Can Earn Points in Health & Physical Education Class If You . . .

    1.    Attend class each day.
    2.    Arrive on time to class and are sitting on your gym spot ready to learn.
    3.    Participate in all activities the first time that you are asked.
    4.    Display respectful behavior towards teacher and other students.
    5.    Use appropriate language when speaking with teacher and other students.
    6.    Wear gym shoes.
    7.    Use the physical education equipment safely and appropriately.

    8 .    Are meeting or exceeding the RSMS School Expectations?

    You Will Lose Points in Health & Physical Education Class If You . . .

    1.    Have an unexcused absence.
    2.    Are tardy to class without a pass.
    3.    Show poor effort during the class period or if the teacher has to remind you to get moving or participate more than once.
    4.    Are disrespectful towards the teachers and/or classmates.
    5.    Are not dressed in your gym shoes.
    6.    Chew gum or eat candy in the gym area.
    7 .    Make unsafe or inappropriate choices with the gym equipment.
    8..    Are not meeting the RSMS School Expectations.

    90-100 A

    80-89   B

    70-79   C 

    60-69    D 

    Below 60 F

    Use of Restroom During Class:
    1.    You must have your planner with hall pass sheet in order to leave the gym.

    *Email – Robert.mclean@robeson.k12.nc.us
    *Telephone- 910-843-3883 - Ask for Mr. Mclean in the gym. (Best time to call 10:45-11:30 am)