•  Grading scale was approved by the PSRC Borad of Education effective beginning school year 2015-2016.
     A 90-100
     B 80-89
     C 70-79
     D 60-69
     F 59 and below
    The following Grading Category Weight was adopted by the Red Springs High School Career and Technical Education Department August 2013.  As you can see we give students a variety of assessments in an effort to increase their opportunities for success. 
     Major test 30%
     Classwork and homework 25%
     Authentic assessments 25%
     Portfolio 10%
     Quizzes 10%
    Students can login to HomeBase and check their own grades.
    Homebase is located on the school's website. They must click public.

    Username will be there student ID number

    Password will be there birthday (only the first 6 digits)

    For example: 11/23/1992 password would be 112319
                        7/8/1997 password would be 781997
                        4/30/1996 password would be be 430199