• ncwiseowlAll PSRC schools have NC Wise Owl, which is in the media center. NC Wise Owl is a web site that has, as its centerpiece, several subscription databases. NC Wise Owl aggregates resources for the elementary, middle, and high school. These resources can be accessed from any computer with Internet access-at the public library, the community center, or at home. Click the NCWiseOwl logo to view the website.

    NCWiseOwl Toolkit

    Technical Support

    Accessing NCWiseOwl Resources
    NCWiseOwl resources are available anywhere that Internet access is provided. School systems may register their networks so that no passwords are required when using school devices. Passwords may be obtained from school or system-level media and/or technology personnel to permit access outside of school facilities.

    Jennifer Northrup
    Western Region DTL Consultant
    NCWiseOwl Support