• MEMORANDUM for Junior ROTC cadets and their parents/guardians Subject: Grading system for the JROTC Program at Lumberton High School

    1. The grades for Junior ROTC cadets will consist of three areas:

    ACADEMIC (which will be fifty percent of a cadets grade) WRITING PORTFOLIO OTHER AREA'S

    2. The ACADEMIC GRADE (50%) will consist of grades given on quizzes, tests, JROTC Career
    Portfolio, workbook assignments, classroom work and homework.

    3.  Writing Portfolio (10%) will consist of a notebook which will contain student writing

    4. The other factors (40%) will consist of the average of UNIFORM GRADES added to the
    PERCENTAGE OF DAYS IN CLASS during the graded period, added to the SCHOOL
    CONDUCT GRADE and results divided by three.

     5.    The last consideration of the grading of JROTC cadets is a MERIT/DEMERIT ADJUSTMENT.
    A cadet may receive up to ten demerits without the grade being affected.  The eleventh demerit
    will lower the grade one point, the twelfth 2 points and thirteen or more demerits will lower the
    grade three points. No grade will be lowered more than three points. Merits will cancel demerits. 

     If a cadet has a plus (merit) ranking the grade may be raised. Seven merits will raise the grade one
    point, nine merits will raise the grade two points and eleven or more merits will raise the grade
    three points. No cadets grade will be raised more than three points.

    6. Conversion of a numerical grade to the A thru F grade will be as follows:

    A                           95 thru 100 Superior

    A-                         93 thru 94 Above Average

    B+                         91 thru 92

    B                           87 thru 90

    B-                          85 thru 86

    C+                          83 thru 84 Average

    C                            80 thru 82

    C-                         77 thru 79

    D+                         75 thru 76 Below Average

    D                           70 thru 74

    F                            69 and below is Unsatisfactory/Failing