• Student's Role and Responsibilities: 

    Be on time!  Tardiness disrupts the learning process and causes you trouble.

    Be prepared!  Bring your materials (binder, paper, pencils, homework, and book) with you daily when you come to class.  (No credit is given for homework that is at home or in your locker.)

    Be attentive!  Be ready to ask and to answer questions on the material and stay on task!

    Be organized!  Keep all handouts, notes and assignments in chronological order.

    Be present!  If a student is absent for any reason, he/she is expected to make up all missed work.  It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher about missed work.

    Be involved!  Participate in all class activities.  ***Math is active learning.***It’s like anything else in life, “you get out of it what you put into it”

    (Math 1 Student ONLY) Be able to pass the EOC! Each student is required to pass the Math 1 state end- of- course test in order to receive credit for the course.  The EOC is 25% of the final course grade