• Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
    As a part of PBIS, we follow PAWS in our school. Each week in our classroom we focus on a different aspect of PAWS. Each day we focus on a different school location. 
    For more information on the PBIS program, please visit https://www.robeson.k12.nc.us//site/Default.aspx?PageID=43704 
    Within our classes students have the opportunity to earn one class PAW each day. Each class has the chance to build their PAW throughout the day. when we switch classes they can continue to build it in the other two classes. When a class returns to their homeroom at the end of the day the homeroom teacher will be informed how much of the PAW they have. Students have until dismissal to build their PAWS. Once students receive 20 PAWS they receive a special party based on the PAWS chart.
    Students also have the opportunity to earn individual PAWS each day. Each student in our block will receive a PAWS card. As the student goes through the day he or she may earn PAWS. When a teacher feels the student has earned a PAW, the teacher will initial one PAW print on the PAWS card. Each time a student receives 5 Paws the student will receive a special PAWS reward card. Each time a student receives 10 PAWS, the student gets to go into the treasure box. A lost card will be replaced, but the PAWS on the card will not be replaced. If a card becomes damaged or torn, as long as the student brings the damaged card to the teacher, the card and PAWS will be replaced.