• Class Sequence of Order


    Sequence of Order  -

    (10 min.) Journal Entry

    (5 min.) Review notes for midterm

    (10 min.) Review your grades and prioritize

    (10min.) Review new project requirements

    (35 min.) Teacher/Student ConferencesDuring the conference time

    you should be working on your other course work – those with no

    course work from other classes should begin working on two of the

    three options below:


    1. Research for Career Plan Project - (15 min)

    2. Complete a reading/writing activity found in your folder - (15 min.)

    3. Login to Newela.com and complete at least one assignment - (20



    (10 min.) Review today's accomplished daily goals and identify

    tomorrow's daily goals


    REMEMBER - Homework  Nightly –Read 15 minutes and be prepared

    to  write about your reading in class daily.  You will also  complete the

    “Reading List” in your Reader’s Notebook daily to document your


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