• High School Math Vocabulary
    Words at a Glance:

    Number & Quantity

    The Real Number System: series, rational expression, equation, rational number, integer, notation, real number, exponent, nonzero, polynomial, matrix, rational, value, real number, factorial, solutions, properties, complex number, radical, vector

    Quantities: volume, length, average, formula, origin, data, limitation, conversion, unit, modeling, accuracy, solutions, conjugate, graph, rates, measure, quantities, area, acceleration, scale, quantity, reasoning, quantitative data, volume by slicing, dimensional, calculus, magnitude, qualitative data, dimensional analysis, unit conversion

    The Complex Number System: equation, complex number, binomial, distributive, real number, multiply, polynomial, add, whole number, conjugate, property, solutions, value, quotient, subtract, number, real number, divide, associative, complex number, quadratic formula, integrals, first derivative test, complex numbers, differentials, conjugate, real number, second derivative, absolute value, irrational numbers

    Vector & Matrix Quantities: direction, determinant, transformation, matrix, absolute value, scalar multiple, integrals, magnitude, scalar, vector


    Seeing Structure in Expressions: factor, square, quadratic, expression, coefficient, product, rewrite, minimum value, quantity, maximum value, manipulation, equivalent, permutation, geometric sequence, common ratio, sequences, Fibonacci, series, derive, factorial

    Arithmetic with Polynomials & Rational Expressions: integer, expansion, graph, rational expression, rational number, binomial theorem, polynomial, factor, order of operations, coefficient, arithmetic, binomial, trinomial, monomial, solutions, absolute value, algebraic, combination, synthetic division, algebra

    Creating Equations: graph, inequality, function, variable, rational function, linear function, coordinate axes, equation, quadratic function, solution, disjunction, domain, range, finite, conjunction, parabola, algebra, parent function, complex number, infinite, sequences, qualitative data, piecewise function, quantitative data, rational, rational expression, regression equation, frequency, radicand, real number

    Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities: quadratic formula, inequality, real number, variable, equality, rational equation, matrix, complete the square, plot, simple equation, ordered pair, exponential, linear equation, solution, square root, factor, quadratic equation, coordinates, inverse, intersection, interval, domain, qualitative data, range, complement, quantitative data, proportion, compound, compound interest, solutions


    Number & Quantity - Data Processing: structure, quantity, function, computation, diagram, empirical, statistics, assumptions, predictions, consequences

    Number & Quantity - Expressions: algebraic, variables, geometric, algebraic, exponents, expression, parentheses, order of operations, operations, equivalence

    Number & Quantity - Operations: integrals, second derivative, irrational numbers, absolute value, real number, rational expression, complex number, absolute extrema, vector, first derivative test

    Number & Quantity - Analysis: analysis, data, conclusion, validate, graphical, reason, compare, tabular, report, essential

    Algebra - Coordinates: coordinates, function, real number, value, number set, ordered pair, graph, plot, system, coordinate plane

    Algebra - Equations: factor, order of operations, structure, expression, constant, variable, equivalent expression, equation, solution, convert

    Algebra - Operations: inequality, parentheses, quantity, exponents, operations, expression, equivalence, computation, square, manipulation

    Statistics & Probability: sample space, statistics, correlation coefficient, expected values, random variable, probability distribution, empirical, numerical value, regression line, probability concepts, negation, simulations, empirical rule, variance, contrapositive, interquartile range, frequency, conditional statement, standard deviation, conditional probability

    Functions: algebraic expression, recursive rule, graph, exponential function, verbal rule, linear function, domain, numerical input, infer, numerical output, variable linear density, slope, implicit function, logarithmic function, converge, matrix, element, transcendental function, concavity, critical point

    Geometry: cylinder, density, grid system, physical constraints, area, volume, tangent, prism, estimate, coordinate system, hyperbola, ellipse, circular sector, cusp, ellipsoid, helix, solid of revolution, paraboloid of revolution, asymptote, lamina

    Statistics & Probability

    Interpreting Categorical & Quantitative Data: function, variance, quantitative data, qualitative data, outlier, frequency, standard deviation, slope, sigma, interquartile range

    Making Inferences & Justifying Conclusions: conditional probability, conclude, qualitative data, quantitative data, inference, empirical rule, infer, proof, variance, conclusion

    Conditional Probability & the Rules of Probability: condition, conjunction, conditional statement, conditional probability, rule, disjunction, element, negation, probability, dependent variable

    Using Probability to Make Decisions: contrapositive, probability, odds, conjunction, deducing, probable, reasoning, likelihood, disjunction, less likely


    Interpreting Functions: transcendental function, finite, function, critical point, logarithmic function, domain, infinity, linear equation, range, infinite

    Building Functions: integral, matrices, matrix, glide reflection, range, oblique, differentials, logarithm, domain, derivative, square matrix, intercept, slope, line graph, point slope form, radian measure, period, symmetry, parallel, variation

    Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Models: distance formula, exponential, first derivative test, fractals, exponent, binomial theorem, Cramer's Rule, derivative, second derivative, integral, logarithm, velocity, linear, slope, quadratic formula, natural logarithm, lateral area, differentiation, hyperbola, parabola

    Trigonometric Functions: step function, trigonometric identity, implicit function, trigonometric function, half angle formula, pythagorean, tangent, sine, cosine, double angle formula


    Congruence: angle, diagonal, apothem, congruent, converse, equiangular, direction, magnitude, parallel, convex, trapezoid, rectangle, polygon, skew lines, perpendicular, supplementary, parallelogram, rhombus, scalar, vector

    Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry: bisect, function, equilateral, convex, concurrent lines, cosine, bisector, centroid, concave, isosceles, oblique, concavity, pythagorean, sine, orthocenter, tangent line, trigonometric ratios, parallel, obtuse, scalene

    Circles: circumscribed, circumcenter, arc, central angle, chord, circumference, centroid, circle, diameter, circles, sphere, foci, secant, focus, tangent, radius, radii, inscribed, locus, globe

    Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations: perpendicular, scalene, slope, Pythagorean Theorem, perimeter, focus, ellipse, geometric mean, parallel, polygon

    Geometric Measurement & Dimension: midpoint formula, altitude, concurrent lines, conic sections, lateral area, sphere, pyramid, centroid, coplanar, collinear

    Modeling with Geometry: euclidean geometry, angle of elevation, biconditional statement, vector, theorem, conditional statement, angle of depression, geometric, construction, glide reflection