• Black History


    Dear Parents,


              Since February is Black History Month, I am asking the students to pick one influential or prominent African American to research. Your child may write a hand written report, typed report, or use poster board to display information.  Please have your child choose how he or she wants to present the information to the class.


    Rubric Check List:


    [  ] Person’s full name

    [  ] Where they were born/lived/died

    [  ] Parents? Siblings? Hobbies?

    [  ] Schooling

    [  ] What life was like growing up

    [  ] Significant event(s) which made this person so notable

    [  ] Details about significant events

    [  ] Any other interesting information


    Lastly, there are some students who might end up choosing the same person at random, which is fine! We will just have more knowledge about them!


    This project is due by January 18 and will be a Social Studies grade for your child's report card.

    Thanks for all you do!