• Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1.  Respect, Respect, Respect!!! (for yourself, for others and for everything around you)

    2.  You must always come to class prepared.  This means bringing your textbook, notebook, and writing utensils every day.  This also means bringing in any materials relevant to particular assignments.

    3.  We are active learners; therefore, students are not allowed to put their heads down on their desks or to sleep in this class.

          Consequences for sleeping in class:

          a. First offense--- verbal warning

          b. Second offense--- stand next to desk until you shake it off

          c. Third offense--- call home

          d. Fourth offense—referral to administrator

    4.  Read and understand the school’s policy on make-up work.

    5.  No cell phones unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. 

    6.  I expect each of you to clean up your work area before leaving the classroom.

    7.  I dismiss the class; the bell does not.

    8.  Please do not request extra credit assignments if you have failed to complete the required work for this class.

    9.  I reserve the right to modify procedures as necessary through the year.