• Earth Science

    Mrs. Crawford


    Mrs. Crawford’s Contact Information and Teacher Availability

    • Available for assistance during planning
    • If you need to reach Mrs. Crawford by phone, please call 910-843-4211. Leave a message there. 
    • It is often easier to email. I can respond much more quickly.

    Course Overview

    Earth Science focuses on the function of Earth’s systems. Emphasis will be placed on Earth in the Universe, Geological Processes and the Lithosphere, the Hydrosphere, Meterology and Human Impact on the Earth.


    Preparation and Materials

    It is the expectation that ALL students come to class each day prepared. Being prepared means that you have your notebook, pen or pencil and assigned classwork/homework.


    For this class you will need the following:

    • A three ring notebook  (½ - 2” notebooks are preferred with loose leaf paper)
    • Marbled composition notebook required for class notes
    • Colored pencils
    • Black or blue pen or pencils. Please NO neon colored pens. These are difficult to read.


    Grading Scale

    Tests/projects               50%

    Classwork                     30%

    Quizzes/Homework     20%



    Each student will be given the opportunity to retake any test they have failed. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time with the teacher.



    Reviewing is an important part of preparing for major tests and mastery of concepts being learned. While it is not counted as a portion of your grade, it will have an effect on your grade. You must prepare for my tests/assessments.


    Attendance Policy

    It is expected that you will be in class everyday. Daily attendance affects all aspects of your grade. You are more likely to be successful in our class when you attend class DAILY!!!


    Late work/make up policy

    It is your  responsibility to get work made up that you miss in class.    If you are absent one to three consecutive days, you have one day for each day absent to complete make up work. For absences exceeding three consecutive days, you have two days for each day absent to make up work. 




    Behavior Expectations


    • Respect

    I will treat YOU with nothing but respect. I expect the same in return. I also expect that you will treat each other with NOTHING but respect. It is expected that there are no conversations during the afternoon announcements/any time there is a school-wide announcement. I am Christian and do not approve of profanity. If I overhead any inappropriate talk concerning drug/alcohol use, notification will be sent to the School Resource Police Officer.

    • No Sleeping

    Sleeping during class will NOT be tolerated. You are here to learn and I will do everything in my power to make sure you are being productive with your time.

    • Assigned Seats

    Each of you will have an assigned seat in this classroom. You are expected to be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. No one is to be out of his or her seat without permission. This includes lining up at the door before the end of class.

    • Bathroom Passes

    Each student have four bathroom opportunities at the beginning of each quarter. Teacher will sign off in your marbled composition book or class folder. It is expected that bathroom needs are to be taken care of before coming to class. 

    I am aware that emergencies do arise and will work with you when these do occur. I am also aware that some students, not all, like to abuse the bathroom privilege.

    • Food and Drink

    This is a science laboratory classroom. There will be no food or drink allowed unless allowed by teacher. Food/drink is not to be taken out of the cafeteria.

    • Electronics

    Cell phones, cameras, iPods, etc must be kept out of sight during school hours. They must also be turned off. It is not acceptable to be using any of these items during the school day. If I see it or hear it, I will take it. Your parents will have to come to the office to pick them up for you.

    • Fire Drills

    In the event of a fire drill, quickly line up at the door. We must quietly leave the building and proceed to our designated area. All students are required to remain with OUR class during the entire drill. Roll will be taken. If you are not present, your parents will be contacted and a discipline referral with be submitted to your administrator. 

    • Dress Code

    Students are to dress to the standards established by the PSRC…no sagging (research why this started) and girls, less skin is better.


    Tardy Policy

    It is imperative that ALL students arrive to class on time!!!   I do close the door when the bell rings and you will be caught up in the tardy sweep.


    Integrity Statement

    Cheating, plagiarism, falsification, violation of software copyright laws and violation of computer access will not be tolerated in this class. 


    I am looking forward to a great semester with each of you!!!