• How to Study for Tests

    Many students in 5th grade have not been taught how to study.  Up until now they just did homework and everything was ok.  This year they are going to be given information and they will need to learn it on their own at home.  Here are some tips on how to study at home!

    ·        Studying for Math Tests

    o   Look at last week’s math test.  Find the first problem you missed.  Practice making up that kind of problem and working them out.  Check your answer on a calculator.  If you missed it, ask your parents to help you figure out what you did wrong.  Keep practicing until you master those kinds of problems.  Then the next night, move on to the next problem you missed.  Keep a positive attitude!  

    ·        Studying for Vocabulary Tests

    o   Each night, open your notebook and read the vocabulary cutouts for the upcoming test.  Call out the definition for that word.  Then flip it over and read the definition on the back to see if you have the correct definition.  Maybe even draw an example of it on a piece of paper.  Or have a parent call them out to you!  Do this each night of the week.  Some student make flash cards for each word and study them.

    ·        Studying for Multiplication Table Tests

    o   Write the multiplication tables 10 times each.  Write them in groups.  For example, if its 9’s you are learning, write (9x1=9) ten times.   The write 9x2 ten times.  Then 9x3 ten times and so on.  Do this each night.  It won’t take you very long!  If you don't write them in groups you wont learn them.  Pick one group each night.  Like:  Monday write the 9x1's.  Tuesday write the 9x2's.  Wednesday write the 9x3's and so on.

          Studying for Science Tests 

    o   Each night, open your Science notebook and read the notes for the upcoming test.  If you are watching TV, read them during the commercials.  Read them all carefully.  Also you might have a parent ask you questions about your notes!  Do this each night of the week.

           Studying for Science Vocab Tests
     o  If you are the type of person that can learn definitions word for word without a lot of effort then cover your notes with a sheet of paper.  Pull the sheet down to expose the vocab word.  Try to say the definition.  Pull down the sheet to show the definition.  If you got it wrong, read it out loud 5 times.  Do that for all the vocab words.
     o  If you are a picture person, draw a picture of the vocab word.  Label the parts of the object.  Describe what you see as if you were explaining it to a blind person.  That's the definition!