***I will pretty much follow this; but, I might change around some starters or insert new ones.  Don't try to work ahead on these.  


    Starter #1:  Copy the essential questions for Unit 1:  Stephen King /The Psychology of Fear

    starter #2:  What do you fear?  Why?

    Starter #3:  copy:  Stephen King uses terror, horror and gross techniques to captivate his readers.  In his stories, youthful and elderly characters are important.  He provides insights into the dark side of humanity and he often writes about taboo subjects such as death, destruction and the unknown.  The fragility of life is a major theme in many of his writings.

    Starter #4:   copy:  "Horror is one of the ways we walk our imagination.  It's a way to relieve bad feelings rather than something that causes them."  Stephen King

                      1.  interpret

                      2.  Agree/Disagree?  Why?

    Starter #5: copy:  “A lot of people retreat into fantasy worlds because the real world is kind of a gruesome place.”  Stephen King

    1.      Interpret

    2.     Agree/Disagree?  Why?

    Starter #6:  Would you rather lose the ability to feel fear or lose the ability to feel pain?  Why?

    Starter #7:  Free Write