• Teacher Name:   Robert McLean                                                                         
    Grade Level:       9-12                                                                                                                     
    Subject Area: World History/Humanities
    E-mail address: robert.mclean2@robeson.k12.nc.us
    High School History Teacher
    P: 910 843 4211
    • Mr. McLean

    Welcome to a new school year. Are you excited?


    My name is Mr. McLean. I am looking forward to being your teacher this year. Relax.


    Outside of class I enjoy fishing, playing basketball, riding my motorcycle and spending time with my family.

    Before  becoming a teacher I served in both the Navy and Marines. I have previously been a tutor, truck driver, and police officer. Most importantly I enjoy teaching, and I am proud to be a teacher. So you can relax. You are in good hands this year with me!


    You are going to have a great educational experience. This classroom will be  organized, and you will feel well cared for while you are in it. We will not only study history, but also I will share with you life skills and secrets that will help you succeed in the years ahead. I can assure you that if you should run into me at the grocery store 25 years from now, you will say, “you were right, Mr. McLean. 

     I may be reached by telephone at 910 843 4211 or email at robert.mclean2@robeson.k12.nc.us. 

    Best time to call is 9:0 PM-10:30 AM   M-W & F 

     Again, welcome!