• Classroom Rules/Procedures

    As with all things but especially in a classroom setting all things must be organized and orderly. It is my responsibility to create and foster a safe, ordered, and well managed learning environment for students. As such, we must establish classroom decorum.

    Classroom Expectations

     Follow directions the first time they are given.

     Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.

     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

     Use appropriate language; no put-downs, teasing, or

     other inappropriate words.

    Classroom Procedures Entering the classroom – You must enter class silently. Whispering is not allowed.

     Moving to your seat and Launch – After you have walked through the front door to the classroom silently, pick up any handouts left on the “Pick Up Here” desk. After picking up the handouts, walk to the desk that is assigned to you without talking. Take out your class binder, a pencil or pen, and any other supplies that you will need. Put your backpack to the left of your desk.

     What to do when you finish class work early – If you have successfully completed your class work, check it over. After you have finished your work and checked it, you have two options:

    1. Sit silently and wait for further instructions.
    2. Take out your Accelerated Reader book and read silently. Students will not be able to pick out a book from the classroom library at this time.
      Bathroom – The best idea is to use the bathroom during the break between classes. If you need to use the bathroom during class, hold up one of your bathroom passes in the air. Mr. McLean will then let you know whether or not you can go to the bathroom at that time. For your pass to be good, your own name must be clearly printed in ink on your bathroom pass, and there must not be any other name scratched out. 
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