• World Humanities

    World Humanities Syllabus

    Red Springs High School


    Description: World Humanities is a social studies elective exploring world cultures throughout history. Students will use a variety of media including books, art, and more. They will learn how societies use different mediums to express and create cultural values. The course will follow North Carolina’s Essential Standards at (http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/curriculum/socialstudies/scos/world-humanities.pdf)

    Goals: -To develop cultural awareness and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. -To understand how culture is created and expressed. -To learn strategies and conventions for studying different kinds of media. -To make connections across different cultures and historical periods.

    Materials: Students are required to bring the following supplies to class every day:

    • Binder
    • Pencils & Notebook paper
    • Highlighters


    Grading: There will be a cumulative final exam at the end of this class that will account for 20% of the final grade. The remaining 80% (40% from 1st quarter, and 40% from 2nd quarter) will come from major assignments (projects, papers, and the midterm), classwork, and daily journal entries.

    Major Assignments 50%

    Classwork/Homework 25%

    Journal 25%


    • All grades will be posted online for the students and parents on CANVAS. I will update grades regularly.
    • Assignments receiving a grade of 79 or below are eligible for redo/retake for a grade no higher than an 80
    • All assignments prior to the assignment must be completed before submitting a redo/retake
    • You may only submit a redo/retake for an assignment ONCE
    • Assignments not turned in at all in the appropriate time frame are NOT eligible for redo/retake




    Students who are absent from class will be given the opportunity to make up any work missed while they were out. It will be the student’s responsibility to get any work missed – please contact me via email or see me in class for the work. Regular attendance is a key to success. Students who miss more than 5 days per semester will be referred to Saturday Academy to make up their time or they cannot receive credit for the course.


    Expectations: I expect all schools rules to be followed and every student to follow the Student Code of Conduct in my classroom. For misbehavior in my classroom, students will receive first receive a warning. If the behavior continues, then a conversation between the student and teacher will take place to determine what can be done to correct the behavior. Parent(s) will be notified if the student continues to misbehave and administration will be consulted. This policy is for routine, day-to-day, procedure. This policy will not be used in regards to fighting, insubordination, or obvious disrespect toward faculty or staff.





    Syllabus Acknowledgement – Due Friday

    Student’s name: _______________________________________ Period _______

    For Students:

    Hello scholar in the making! I have told you my goals for this course, and now I want to

    know yours. List 3 things you want to accomplish in this course:




    What are 2 things you do well in history or in school in general?



    What is 1 thing you find challenging about history or about school in general?


    For Parents/Guardians:

    Name: __________________________________________

    Phone: _______________________________

    Email: __________________________________________

    Anything you would like me to know?

    For Both:

    I have read and understand the syllabus and I will do my part to make this a great school


    ___________________________ _____________________

    Student Signature Date

    ___________________________ _____________________

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  • World History 2019-2020 Syllabus



    World History



    Instructor: Robert McLean


    World History 1A 3A 4A

    Phone: 910. 843. 4211

    Semester Credit Hours: 1

    Office Hours Office Hours:

    Monday-Wednsday-Friday 9:40-10:30 AM

    Also, Face-to-Face, Phone, and/or Video Conference Available By Appointment!

    Course Location:Red Springs High School

    E-mail Address:robert.mclean2@robeson.k12.nc.us


    Robert McLean  

    Red Springs High School 

    509 N Vance St, Red Springs, NC 28377


     Procedures are a part of life. We follow procedures for using a telephone book, boarding an airplane, approaching a traffic light, and attending a wedding. The reason that we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people to do things. 

    The following are the procedures for this classroom. These procedures establish our classroom culture. 

    • What do I do if I forget my pencil or paper?
        First, you are unprepared. However, you may borrow a pencil from a classmate or one from the teacher. This must be done BEFORE class officially starts. 
    • What do I do when I come in the room? 
      1. Sharpen pencils (if you need to). You may NOT sharpen pencils during instructional time unless approved by the teacher. 
      2. Get your supplies out. 
    • All classes will start with a warm-up activity each day. 
    • What do I do if I need to leave the room?
      You must raise your hand to be recognized, to speak out or go to the restroom.
    • What do I do if I am tardy?
      Place your tardy slip (if you have one) in the appropriate bucket and have a seat. I will mark you tardy-excused or not.
    • Where can I find the assignments posted?
      You will be given a weekly syllabus that has all the assignments for the week..  
    • Where do I put completed papers? Classwork and Homework is to be checked by the teacher, and kept in your notebook unless otherwise noted. Each class has its own bin in which assignments that are to be turned in will go. 
    • Where can I find assignments when I come back from an absence? Check the make-up work bin as well as your syllabus. You will have two days after returning to class to complete any make-up work.
    • What are the procedures for team work?
      1. Follow the activity steps listed in your instructions. 
      2. You are responsible for your own job and the results of the team. 
      3. If you have a question, ask your team members first. If no one can answer a question, appoint one person to raise a hand to ask the teacher for assistance. 
      4. You must be willing to help if a team member needs it. 
      5. You will be working in the small group mode class setting


    • What do I do if you finish my work early?
      Read your book that has been approved by the teacher, prepare for your next assignment, update your notebook with any missing entries, work on your vocabulary, work on your homework assignment sheet, or make up any missing work. 
    • What do I do if I need extra help, have a personal concern, or would like to request a conference?
      There are many ways to handle this: Write me a note and put it in my hand, raise your hand to speak to me, or send an email.
    • What do I do if I "forget" to do my homework?
      Do your homework as soon as possible and turn it in. All late work will get a low grade. Again, you will have two days following the original due date to turn in work.
    • What do I do before I leave the room at the end of class?
      Tidy up your area, check for dropped pencils. Wait for dismissal from me. I dismiss the class, not the bell. As you leave, throw any trash away and turn in work if necessary. 

    World History Units for the Year

    Grade Level/Course:   World History


    Unit Title

    Clarifying Objectives

    Major Concepts


    Ongoing: Essential Standard 1 will be implemented throughout the course

    Historical Skills


    Historical thinking, development, interpretation, analysis, influence, change, continuity, culture

    Throughout Semester


    Ancient Civilizations and Early Empires


    Civilizations, achievement, growth, influence, trade, innovation, conflict

    3 weeks


    Middle Ages


    WH.4.4, WH.H.4.3

    Power, authority, government, innovation, conflict

    3 weeks


    Renaissance, Reformation and the Age of Exploration

    WH.H.4.1-WH.H.4.4, WH.H.5.1-WH.H.5.4, WH.H.6.1

    Reform, revolt, exploration, improvement, Exploration, expansion, colonization

    2.5 weeks


    Age of Revolutions and Rebellions


    Revolution, Conflict, industrialism, power, change

    2.5 weeks


    20th Century-1945


    Turning points, competition, nationalism, imperialism, conflict, war, power, change, interdependence

    3 weeks




    Turning points, terrorism, competition, politics, innovation, change

    2 weeks

    Review and Exam

    All Units

    All Essential Standards

    All Concepts

    2 weeks














    Behavioral Agreement 

    Signing this form will guarantee that the student, parent, and teacher understand the Classroom Rules and Consequences for violating said rules. Therefore, there will be no surprises in the event that a parent/guardian is called in regards to disruptive behavior. 


    1. Respect yourself, your peers, the teacher, and property.
    2. Be prepared with materials and other necessities once the first bell rings.
    3. Remain seated until you are dismissed by the teacher.
    4. ABSOLUTELY NO food, drink, or cell phones** allowed in class.
    5. Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.

    *** If you have a cell phone out for ANY reason, unless you have TOLD me BEFOREHAND you are TURNING IT OFF, it will be IMMEDIATELY taken from you until the end of class.  If this happens more than 3 times, your parent will be required to come pick it up from the principal.

    Consequences for violations

    Consequences that will be taken will depend on the severity of the offense, and include but are not limited to:

    • Verbal warning (No more than three) 
    • Seat Change
    • Phone Call Home
    • Request for conference with the parent and student
    • Referral to proper administration (May come sooner depending on the offense) 

    Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to a very productive and prosperous year. 

    Parent/Student Confirmation

    Student’s Name: _________________________ DOB: ___________________ ID#: ___________


    Parent’s Name: ________________________________________ Home #: ___________________

    Cell #: __________________ Work Place and #: _______________________________________

    Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________ 

    I, along with my student, have read, understand, and acknowledge the expectations and procedures of this class. 


    Parent: _____________________Date: ________ Student:____________________ Date:________




    Student Name: ________________________________ Phone: ________________

    Parent/Guardian Name(s): _______________________________________________


    Type of Contact

    What was discussed?


    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 


    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                            

    __ School conference                __ No Answer                 

    __ Home Visit                            __ Left message/ machine 

    __ Written report home              __ Spoke to: 

    __ School visit                   __Phone:                           


                Student Signature ________________________________Date___________________



                  Parent Signature_________________________________Date____________________


    Teacher Signature_______________________________Date_____________________

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