• English III-Honors: American Literature

    Course Syllabus

    Spring 2016


    Ms. Cresta Strickland                                          Number: (910) 521-3253                              



    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    Following is an explanation of the English III-Honors: American literature course your child must pass in order to be promoted to his/her next grade.


    -Course Description: English III-Honors is an in-depth study of U.S. literature and U.S. literary nonfiction especially foundational works and documents from the 17th century through the early 20th century.


    REQUIRED Materials:   3-Ringed Binder

                                                5-Tab Dividers [Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Research]

                                                Loose Leaf Paper

            Blue or Black Pens and/or Pencils

            Flash Drive

            Yellow Sticky Notes


    -Assessment Methods: Grades are based upon the following weights: 

    *Formal Writing/Projects/Portfolios: 30%; Tests: 30%; CW/HW: 20%; Quizzes/Informal Writing: 20%


    -Final STATE-ASSESSED Exam:

    *Students will take a State-Assessed Final Exam at the end of the semester testing their Reading Analysis Skills. There is NO study guide. Students should take the course seriously by engaging in critical and reflective reading and questioning AT ALL TIMES during the entirety of the semester in an effort to hone those skills being tested. The Final Exam will count 25% of your Entire Grade.



    -Attendance, Make-Up Work, Tutorial:

    It is imperative that students attend school regularly. Statically, it has been shown that poor attendance is directly proportional to poor grades, as well as poor reading, writing, and research skills that students need in order to be successful in college. Students should make sure to turn in all doctor’s excuses to the school guidance department to be excused from those missed classes, and remember that those days that are unexcused, is grounds for failure of a course. Students will have five (5) days only to make up any work missed due to absences as set forth by the Public Schools of Robeson County; however, class continues forth on-schedule with the addition of new information that could make “catching up” difficult. The teacher will set aside one (1) day only during the week for students to makeup work or get additional help with coursework. Any film that students miss due to absences must be made up in their own time at their own convenience. (A copy of the Board Policy for attendance has been given to your child.)