•     Governor's School-Deadline in mid-October
    Tenth and Eleventh grade students are eligible for the residential summer program Governor's School.  
             Tenth and Eleventh graders are eligible for Choral Music, Dance, and Instrumental Music
    Eleventh graders are eligible for English, Natural Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Theater, French, Spanish, and Art
                    An EOC score of 92% or above is needed; see ncgovschool.org to check on requirements
                        Please contact me by email or see your school counselor if you are interested.
    STUDENTS OF EXCELLENCE-Deadline mid-November


    The Students of Excellence recognition program sponsored by the Chambers of Commerce has begun for the 2018-19 school year.  At each high school, students at the four grade levels are given the opportunity to present themselves through a written application, once it has been determined that application guidelines have been met.  Area chambers then review their set of applications and select ONE student who will be recognized as the Student of Excellence from that grade level, one representing each high school. 
    Here is a list of the instructions for applicants, and you must have a grade point average of 3.0:
      Pick up an application from your counselor or AIG teacher. 


    Each Chamber Committee is looking for demonstrated effort and involvement in the school, community, and church activities sections.  Be sure to show evidence of involvement by giving specific leadership roles or explanations of activities.


                Adhere to the following requirements:


    • Avoid acronyms.


    • Use a computer for your attachments to the cover page; information on the cover page may be neatly handwritten.


    • Number each section and designate which questions you chose for section III.


    • Ensure all sections are included and at the desired length for each response.


    • Meet your school deadlines.


    • Ask your counselor or the AIG representative for help if you encounter problems.


    • Request that your English teacher reads your essay and gives you feedback (optional).


    • Do not put your name on each page of the essay, only on the cover sheet. There should be no identifying information on the essay.