• Project 1 - Career Research

    Project 1 - Career Research


    1. Select a career of your choice

    2. Complete the following research on your career choice:
    a) Name of career / job
    b) Average annual income (what is the average amount of money you could make if you had this job)
    c) Educational requirements (how much education is required to perform this job? High school diploma, college degree, etc)
    d) Describe this job – what is important to know about this job? What are the work requirements? What does someone with this career do?
    e) Advancement – with this career can you be promoted? If so, what positions are higher than the one you’ve chosen? (ex: manager, supervisor, director, etc) If you can’t be promoted, explain why.
    f) Are there any job benefits listed for this career? (ex: health insurance, retirement, life insurance, time off with pay, etc)

    3. Do you currently have any skills or training necessary to work in this chosen career? If so, list them.

    4. Why do you want to work in this type of job field? Who do you know, if anyone, that is I working or has worked in the career you’ve chosen?

    5. Use the poster board provided to describe your job. You can draw images describing your job, use magazine pages to showcase your job or print images from the computer.

    DUE DATE: March 18, 2019

    *ten points deducted for each day late

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