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    Motorsports Technology

    Mr. Rick Lovette


    Congratulations! Your child is enrolled in a Trade and Industrial Education course at the Robeson County Career Center. I will strive to make his/her time with me educationally profitable.

    You, as parents, and I, as an instructor, have a mutual obligation to help your child prepare for a successful future. Your interest, your involvement, your support, and your parental guidance have never been more important. Working together, we can make certain that your child will meet his/her educational goals.

    All students are expected to attend my class regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately. Their instruction will be exciting and filled with many new opportunities. I sincerely hope that this will be your child’s most successful school year ever.

    Course Information

    Metals Manufacturing/Motorsports Technology. This course identifies and explains the history, opportunities, functions and requirements of the motorsports industry. We have manual machine tools, sheet metal and chassis fabrication equipment, along with welding and race chassis set-up equipment to teach skills in safety, mathematics, reading, problem solving and employability skills are reinforced in this course. Students will learn to work as a team to construct, repair and maintain race cars and racing motorcycles, as well as manufacture and fabricate specialty parts and components as projects. Our goal is for students to create parts/components that will stand up to the stress and rigors of track use. All aspects of operating a race team or business are covered in our "Simulated Work Place" environment. We discuss the finances, public relations and marketing in our Team Management objectives. Hands-on experience and Skills leadership activities provide many opportunities to enhance classroom instruction and career development.

    Grading Scale                      Classroom Needs

    Exams=35%               1. 3-Ring Notebook (2-inch) & Paper

    Tests = 20%              2. Two Pencils (#2) and Pencil Holder for 3-Ring Binder
    Classwork =20%         3. Skills dues are $14.00 per student
    Lab=25%                  4. Composition Notebook (one subject)


    Career and Technical Education requires that the VoCATS Post Test count at least 50% of the final exam grade. According to Public Schools of Robeson County Policy, the final exam will count 25% of the final semester grade.

    Instructor Information

    Mr. Rick Lovette, Motorsports Instructor    (910) 737-5507