Robeson County Career Center

    Plumbing II

    Timmy Locklear




    Congratulations! Your child is enrolled in a Trade and Industrial Education course at the Robeson County Career Center.  I will strive to make his/her time with me educationally profitable.


    You, as parents, and I, as an instructor, have a mutual obligation to help your child prepare for a successful future.  Your interest, your involvement, your support, and your parental guidance have never been more important.  Working together, we can make certain that your child will meet his/her educational goals.


    All students are expected to attend my class regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately.  Their instruction will be exciting and filled with many new opportunities.  I sincerely hope that this will be your child’s most successful school year ever.



    Course Information


    Plumbing II.  This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Plumbing I.  It allows students to learn more about and actually install a variety of pipes and plumbing fixtures.



    Grading Scale                        

    Tests               =40%                          

    Classwork        =40%                          

    Project             =20%                          

    Total                =100%


    The final exam grade will count 25% of final semester grade.


    Classroom Needs


    3-ring notebook and paper

    USB Drive


    SkillsUSA dues are $14 per student


    Welcome Back and let’s have a great year!