• PROJECTS: should be turned in to the teacher as they are completed.  Don't wait until the last day.  10 points will be deducted for each day late.  If the project was due by the end of a 9 week period, late work cannot be accepted after 3 pm of the last day of the 9 weeks.  Gradebook is locked and uploaded to the archive and cannot be changed.   Please write your name in ink!  Sadly, people have been known to take projects and erase your name and put their own on it.  


    HOMEWORK: students will be responsible for placing homework in the basket when completed.  If you are sick and absent on Friday, turn you homework in on Monday.  Late work will not be accepted after the following Monday.

    LATE WORK:  Sometime students are sick or out of school for other reasons.  I allow 14 days to complete classwork and homework from the date the assignment was passed out.  After the 14 day time period, assignments will not be accepted.  The statement "Grades Closed" will appear on your child's progress report in the comments sections.  10 points will be deducted for each day late for projects. 


    GETTING MAKEUP WORK:  If your child is absent, it is his/her responsibility to find out what he/she missed and completing it using the teacher website and Google Classroom,  classroom partner, and the teacher.  He/she has 14 days to complete the work from the time it was assigned.  Any daily classwork or homework assignment sheets will have extra copies in the mailbox by the door.  They are sorted by calendar date.  Please put "Absent" or "Sick" on your paper so I know why its late and wont take points off.


    EXTRA CREDIT WORK:  If your child didn't do his/her regular work, why would you ask the teacher to work even harder to provide and grade extra work when the regular work wasn't done?  Also, it would not be fair to the other 5th grade students to give just your child special favor.  There will be no extra credit work given.  Please don't ask.