• Procedures for Issuing a Drivers' Eligibility Certificate (DEC)

    In order for a student under age 18 to get a permit to learn to drive or get a provisional drivers license, he/she must have a DEC signed by the principal or the principal's designee. The DEC must be stamped with the official seal of the school in which the student is enrolled.

    1. The principal or designee signing the DEC must show that he or she has determined that the person applying meets at least one of the following requirements:

      a. The person requesting the DEC is currently enrolled in a school and is making satisfactory progress toward obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent. Satisfactory progress is defined as passing 70% of the courses in which a student is enrolled (5 out 6 courses on a traditional schedule or 3 out of 4 classes on a 4x4 block schedule each semester). Satisfactory progress attempts to assure that the student will receive a high school diploma or its equivalent. The student must have been promoted to his/her present grade level. A student enrolled in a school but taking less than four (4) classes must pass each class he/she is taking.

      Students who have been administratively placed from the eighth grade to ninth grade are to be considered to be making satisfactory progress.

      Any incomplete grade must be reconciled before a DEC can be issued or revoked.

      A student who is under a long-term suspension or expulsion is not considered to be enrolled in school, therefore is not eligible to maintain or receive a DEC.

      b. A substantial financial hardship would be placed on the person or the person's family if the person does not receive a DEC.

      c. The person cannot make satisfactory progress toward obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, this should not be a factor for consideration. All students enrolled in a specific course of study should be capable of maintaining satisfactory progress towards completion of that course of study. If they are not making satisfactory progress, then the course of study needs to be reviewed for its appropriateness by the respective committee at the school.

    2. The DEC must be on a form approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles and dated within 30 days of the date the person applies for a permit or license issuable under this section.
    3. The DEC must be signed by the applicable person named below:

      a. The principal or the principal's designee (contact person described in the next section) of the public school in which the person is enrolled.
      b. The administrator, or the administrator's designee, of the nonpublic school in which the person is enrolled.
      c. The person who provides the academic instruction in the home school in which the person is enrolled.
      d. The designee of the board of directors of the charter school in which the person is enrolled.
      e. The president, or the president's designee, of the community college in which the person is enrolled.

    The DEC contact person will:

    1. Verify initial eligibility, complete, and issue the DEC
    2. Authenticate each with the raised school stamp (DMV copy)
    3. File school copies of each DEC issued
      a. After August '98 this information will be added into SIMS/NCWise as well
      b. NCWise will contain Drivers' License number, DEC number, and suspension date
      c. Stamp file copy with necessary information
    4. Verify eligibility of all students at mid year and the end of the year
    5. Contact DMV computer system to revoke the DEC of a student who is no longer eligible