• Mrs. Lambert’s Art Class 2017 - 2018



    Welcome students to the wonderful world of art.  This year, you will be producing challenging art products that reflect the elements and principles of art.  As your art teacher, I pledge to make art fun while helping you to become a more successful artist.  As an art student you will learn about different artistic styles, time periods, history, artist, art critics, artistic careers and techniques.  Plan to come to class every day ready to learn and work hard. 



    I expect every student to come to class everyday on time and ready to learn.   I expect every student to TRY, give 100% of their ability and experiment with different materials and media in my classroom.  During the school year you will learn vocabulary and many techniques, so everyone’s cooperation is necessary in order to be a successful artist. 

    Class Rules                                     

    1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    2. Clean up after yourself.  
    3. No talking while the teacher or classmates are talking.
    4. Stay in your seat. Ask for permission to get materials.              
    5. Be ready to learn.
    6. Follow all school rules (no cell phones)!
    7. Raise your hand to speak.
    8. Follow all rules and procedures.


    1st time  - Warning          

    2nd time -  Call/Note to parent

    3rd time  - Office Referral



    Every student is responsible for turning all assignments in on time, points will be taken off for work that is turned in late.  Each student is required turn in a project assignment (drawing, painting, etc.) that will be done in class and be turned in every week for a grade. Each student will also need a one subject composition notebook, aset of colored pencils or crayons, a hand held pencil sharpener (for coloring pencils), pencils and pink pearl eraser.  Students will be graded based on assignments, homework, test grades and classwork.


     Grading Scale

    100-90   A                          

    89 -80    B                

    79 -70    C                         

    69 -60    D                         

    Below 59  F


    Test    20%

    Projects  40%

    Homework  10%

    Classwork/Participation  30%


     Contact Information



    Planning: 8:00 – 9:30