dog         Mrs. Lambert's Wish List
    Do you like to recycle?  If so we can use some help. The art room is that place where many things that we use that are recyclable. If you would like to donate anything on our list please feel free do so.  "One man's junk, Turning into something BEAUTIFUL!"  Thanks for your help.
                                     * buttons                                   * glitter
                                     * yarn                                        * ribbon
                                     * magazines                              * sequins
                                     * wrapping paper                     
                                     * foam egg cartons                   * paper bags (all                                                                                      sizes)
                                     * pipe cleaners                          * wall paper           
                                     * hot glue guns                         * glue sticks
                                     * stickers                                  * lamp (1)
                                     * tissue paper