•  Due to school closing March 17, 2020 until March 30 or later, here are some sites students can us to continue learning at home. Students should have all passwords for the sites listed below.  Students are to work on assignments listed and/or NC Standards: NC.5.NF; NC.5.NBT; NC.5.G; NC.5.AO; NC.5.MD.  

    1. Freckle

    2. i-ready.com

    3. Study Island

    4.  social studies weekly newspaper 

          * Start with week 23 (3/16-20)

          * Read Newspaper write down important information

          * Complete Puzzle by answering each question.

             You do not need to copy the puzzle just answer 

             questions. Lable one section down and one section

             across then put the correct number and answer.   

             Complete newspapers following the order below.

                  Week 23 (3/16-3/20)

                  Week 24 (3/23-3/27)



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    times are 8:45 - 9:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
      You may also e-mail me. 
    Welcome to our world!  It is a pleasure to have you visit our class.
      Also, we are working hard to master math concepts and improve
    our Higher Ordering Thinking Skills.  To give you a taste of what
     our math is like, please visit our dpi math web-site at

     NC Math Standards


    Message to:


    Mom, Dad, or Guardian,
    If you want your child to excel, please stay involved with your
    child's school and educational issues to help them succeed. 
    How? You ask!  Just visit the following web-sites ( the one
    listed above, Freckle, and I-Ready) and work with your child
    on math questions from each of the NC Standards.
     Also, your child will  need to learn math vocabulary on grade
    level and be able to apply what they have learned to solving
    Looking forward to great gains in MATHEMATICS through
    improved logical reasoning and rational decision making skills.




    Math is all around