In unavoidable absences, make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Tests may be made up during activity period or other class periods (with teacher's approval).  Re-test and other missing assignments may also be completed at this time.  Class notes should be copied from a classmate. Late homework will not be accepted unless absent or at the teacher’s discretion. Students have five days to make-up work when absent.



    The Littlefield Middle School Discipline plan will be followed and the Robeson County Student Code of Conduct.



    Students should attend class daily.  When students enter the room, they should go to their seats quickly and quietly, ready to begin work.  The attendance policy for the public schools of Robeson County will be followed.

                                                                                  GRADING SCALE:

    GRADING CRITERIA:                                          A = 90 and above

    40% ----------classwork /participation                    B = 80-89

    20%-----------homework                                          C = 70-79

    40%-----------tests                                                 D = 60-69

                                                                                    F = 59 and below


    MATH Common Core Standards: http://www.corestandards.org/Math/Content/5/introduction

    Students should develop abilities to:

    Understand and use:

    Vocabulary                                      Formulas                          

    Calculators                                      Mental Math                    Gridded Reponse Problem Solving
    Problems Solving Strategies           Symbols

    Graphs                                            Tables                      

    Fractions                                         Decimals                   

    Factors                                           Multiples                                                                                                            

    Order of Operations                        Prime Factorization
    Estimation                                       Higher Order Thinking
    Two-dimensional figures                 Models
    Coordinate grid                               Use the four operations  correctly in solving problems 


    **** Students are expected to bring their textbooks and all needed materials to class daily.
    Students are required to keep a math journal for daily starters, a computer notebook for lab days, notebooks for classwork, homework, etc...
    Your child will received his/her password for IXL math.  This is a computer program on the internet that your child can use at home or at school.  We will be using this site at school and some required assignments will be recorded as a grade.
    Please look for your child's progress reports in math approximately every two weeks.
    Your child can make-up missing work during each nine weeks period until the due date listed on progress report. 
    Extra Crdit Assignments are posted on my website.
     Please sign this sheet and return to the teacher
    Please sign below stating you have read and received a copy of the 2017-2018 math fifth grade course syllabus.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. D. locklear.
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