• Tentative Daily Procedures





    First Step in each period  Focus and Review (math journal problem)
     Second Step  Check Homework - You are responsible for checking your homework and asking any questions.(Parents your child should be able to show you daily what problems they missed and why they missed these problems. Please ask them to show you!) Your child has been given a homework calendar for you to check homework daily. Please sign and return this calendar at the end of the two week period. 
     Third Step  Today's Activity - Mrs. Locklear will introduce today's learning standard and/or activity.
     Fourth Step  Classwork - In class, we use different types of learning strategies - such as, but not limited to, pairing with partner, sharing with group, individual work, sharing in team, using the document camera and/or star board to teach classmates, and ask teacher for help.
     Fifth Step   Closure - Review objectives learned and assign homework (usually homework will be assigned daily except for Friday)
    If you need to contact me please call the office (671-6065) to schedule a time during my conference times (11:45-12:15) daily except Wednesdays or scheduled meeting days. You may e-mail me at dorain.locklear@robeson.k12.nc.us