• Eighth Grade Math Syllabus


    Course Description: Eighth grade mathematics at South Robeson Intermediate School is an exciting and challenging program. The course will cover concepts in number systems, geometry, functions, algebra and statistics. I will accept late work but not after the nine-weeks is over.  Your child will have access in the classroom to a TI-84 plus calculator.

    Below is a tentative schedule of areas that will be covered each nine -weeks:


    First nine-weeks: Reasoning with similarity and transformations, and reasoning about equations and angles

    Second nine-weeks: Functional reasoning, system of equations, and statistical reasoning

    Third nine-weeks: Reasoning with real numbers, Pythagoras theorem, and volume

    Fourth nine-weeks: Exponents, scientific notation, and review for the EOG.



    Classroom rules: Be RESPECTFUL of adults, classmates, and yourself!

                                 Be prepared for class!


    Grade criteria:      Tests/Quizzes – 20%

                                 Classwork/participation – 40%

                                 Homework – 10%

                                 Interactive notebook/Portfolio – 20%

                                 Computer programs/Projects – 10%


    Grading scale:    A   90-100

                               B   80-89

                               C   70-79

                               D   60-69

                               F   0-59

                               I     Incomplete  


    Class material: 2   70-page notebooks or composition notebooks 

                                  Pencils daily

                                  Package of loose notebook paper 

                                  Binder with dividers

                                 Optional item – Kleenex



    ****** My students earn their grades from homework, classwork, tests, quizzes, interactive notebook, math activities, I-ready program and study island program. Your child has an account on Homebase (which is located on our school website). As a parent or guardian, you can have access to this account. It will give you every grade for every assignment in every class that your child has earned. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: sharon.hunt@robeson.k12.nc.us or donna.hunt@robeson.k12.nc.us.   Our planning time is 8:00 am to 9:15 am and the phone number is 422-3987.