• Directions: Students will create a powerpoint. The first slide will be you title slide please include Tile, Your Name, and Date. Then you will have a slide for each Term/Definition. Them slides will include Term, Definition, Sentence, and Picture.


    1.03:  Execute the touch method in operating number and symbol keys.




    Sequence of ordinary characters found on the computer keyboard and used as a form of communication on the Internet used in e-mail, chats, and other forms of communication using computers


    * symbol used for footnote references in keyboarded documents


    % symbol used in reporting statistical data


    & symbol means “and”


    1.04:  Execute the touch method in operating the numeric keypad



    Numeric keypad


    Keys at the right side of the keyboard used to enter numeric copy and perform calculations.



    Num Lock Key


    Press to activate the numeric keypad