• The following is the rubric that I will use to determine class participation grades. Your child’s class participation is important to his/her success in the classroom. Several areas will be considered in assigning the grades to your child. Each category will be assigned with a value, one being the lowest and four being the highest. The total number of point available each week for class participation is twenty.


    Attitude- Willingness to participate, work with others and keeping a positive attitude.

    Organization- Materials are brought to class, work space is organized and neat.

    Respect for Others- Willingness to work with others, no disruptions in class, and polite to others.

    Initiative- Works independently, ready to work, revises work.

    Attention- Focused, attentive, engaged.







    • Refuses to participate.
    • Has an “I don’t care attitude.
    • Will participate with nudging.
    • Able to change to a more positive attitude.
    • Ready to participate.
    • Comes with a positive attitude.
    • Stays positive.
    • Consistently ready to participate.
    • Supports others.
    • Works to include others.
    • Enthusiastic.


    • Does not bring materials.
    • Work turned in late.
    • Materials and space are messy and disorganized.
    • Some missing materials.
    • Work is sometimes turned in late.
    • Materials and space are sometimes messy and disorganized.
    • Prepared with all materials.
    • Work done on time.
    • Materials and space organized and neat.
    • Prepared with all materials.
    • Manages time and produces best work.
    • Materials and space are organized, neat, and precise.
    • Reminds others to be ready.

    Respect for Others

    • Disrupts others.
    • Unsupportive comments.
    • Unwilling to work with others.
    • Occasionally disrupts.
    • Occasionally makes unsupportive comments.
    • Prodding needed to work with others.
    • No disruptions.
    • Polite to others.
    • Regularly ready to work with others.
    • No disruptions.
    • Supportive of others.
    • Takes leadership role.


    • Does not ask for help.
    • Needs frequent clues to begin tasks.
    • Sometimes asks for help when needed.
    • Sometimes requires cues to begin work.
    • Generally, revises work.
    • Regularly asks for help when needed.
    • Regularly ready to work.
    • Regularly revises work.
    • After trying independently, always asks for help.
    • Consistently goes beyond expectations.
    • Always puts forth best effort.


    • Inattentive.
    • Disengaged.
    • Distracted.
    • Inconsistent engagement.
    • Sometimes distracted.
    • Focused.
    • Involved.
    • Asks relevant questions.
    • Makes relevant comments.
    • Attentive.
    • Involved.
    • Initiates discussion.
    • Encourages others.
    • Helps bring back focus.