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    The demands of 21st century education dictate new roles for career development coordinators. Schools need professional career development coordinators who are adept at creating and utilizing systems for change and at building relationships within the school community. Career development coordinators create nurturing relationships with students that enhance students’ academic achievement and personal success as globally productive citizens in the 21st century. Utilizing leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, professional career development coordinators promote academic and personal success by implementing a comprehensive career development coordinator program that encompasses areas of academic, career, and personal/social development for all students.

    Career development coordinators demonstrate leadership, advocacy, and collaboration. They demonstrate leadership, advocacy, and collaboration by developing a positive place for students and staff members to learn and grow. Career development coordinators manage a comprehensive career development program that supports academic, career, and personal/social development for all students. They advocate for equity for all students and staff members regardless of learning style, cultural background, or individual learning needs. They improve their profession by demonstrating high ethical standards and by following the codes of ethics set out for them.


    Career development coordinators promote a respectful environment for a diverse population of students. Professional career development coordinators establish a respectful school environment to ensure that each student is supported by caring staff. Career development coordinators recognize diversity and treat students as individuals, holding high expectations for every student. Knowing that students have many different needs, career development coordinators work to identify those needs and adapt their services to meet them. Career development coordinators recognize the fact that many adults share responsibility for educating students facilitate students’ career awareness, exploration, and planning.


    Career development coordinators understand and facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive career development program. They align their programs with state and national best practices to ensure that their role fits into the school program. A comprehensive career development program meets the academic and career needs of students through the implementation of programming including individual counseling, classroom presentation, academic advising, career development services, consultation, parent education and other responsive services. Career development coordinators deliver a comprehensive career development program for all students and provide developmentally appropriate services and activities based on student needs. A career development coordinator must engage in leadership, advocacy, and collaboration with all school personnel for the successful implementation of a comprehensive career development program. They understand how students learn and help all students develop in the areas of academic, career, and personal social success. They align their services with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study to meet the needs of students.