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    Participation in a PSRC CTAP production is a privilege reserved exclusively
    for students enrolled in Grades 2–7 of the elementary and middle schools 
    of the Public Schools of Robeson County.*
    As such, it comes with the following participation requirements of students:
    As a Cast Member in a PSRC CTAP Production, I will:
    • Be quiet, respectful, attentive during the rehearsal, listen closely, and do as directed by the directors and other adults in charge.

    • Behave properly and respectfully and not fight, abuse another person, use inappropriate language with other cast members or the adults in charge, refuse to follow directions and behave properly or exhibit other behavior that violates PSRC student behavior rules.
      • If I do fight, abuse another person, use inappropriate language, refuse to follow directions and behave properly, or exhibit other behavior that violates PSRC student behavior rules, at the directors' discretion, I will be removed from the cast and I will lose the privilege to be in the next show.
      • If I do fight or exhibit other behavior that violates PSRC student behavior rules, I will receive a write-up that will be given to my home school principal.

    • Not come to rehearsal if I am suspended from school for any reason while I am suspended. Repeated suspensions may result in my being removed from the cast.

    • Be at every rehearsal unless I am contagiously sick or have an unavoidable conflict I have cleared in advance with the directors.  I understand that three (3) absences can result in being replaced in my part and assigned to a chorus group.

    • Wear proper rehearsal clothing that allows for EASY movement and safety:
      • Loose fitting T-shirt or other top that fully covers my upper body.
      • Loose fitting pants, sweat pants, or leggings -- no skirts or other bottoms that would prevent me from doing any required choreography or movement.
      • Full shoes with enclosed toe, sneakers preferred - NO flip-flops, sandals, or other open or loose fitting shoes. If I am not wearing proper shoes, I will not be allowed to rehearse on stage, but will have to sit for the whole rehearsal.

    • Not bring a cellphone to rehearsal. If I do bring one, I will have to give to the directors who will keep until the end of rehearsal and then give it back to my parent.

    • Not bring food to rehearsal, only water to drink (no juices, no sodas, etc.)

    • Be at least 10 minutes early to every rehearsal so it can start on time at 6P.

    • Be sure to use the bathroom BEFORE the start of rehearsal as there will not be a break time during rehearsal.

    • Sign-in on the official attendance lists as soon as I arrive for rehearsal. This is MY responsibility and not my parent's.

    • Bring my script to every rehearsal and take good care of it, not lose it, or leave it behind at the theatre.

    • Have a pencil with a good eraser at each rehearsal to take notes in my script.

    • Highlight my part in my script to make it easier to know my part by the appointed “off book” date, using two colors - one for what I say and one for what I do.

    • Practice, practice, and then practice some more until I know my part “in my sleep.”

    • Give it “my all” during rehearsal and performance like a good “trouper” should as all my work is valuable in creating a great show as there are no small parts, only small actors.

    • Wait inside on the stage at the end of rehearsal for my parent/guardian to come inside to get me.

    • FOR DRESS REHEARSAL, and ALL PERFORMANCES: I will come to the theatre ALREADY wearing my proper base costume and shoes. If I am not wearing them, I will NOT be allowed to perform in the show.


    *Students in charter, parochial, and private schools are not eligible to participate.