• Science Pop Quizzes

    If your child is absent during a Pop Quiz, it will not be given at a later date.  The grade will be blank and marked as "exempt" from grading.  The gradebook program handles this as if it just didn't exist.  

    Science Test Retake Policy

    If you feel your child deserves to retake a science test due to illness or any other reason, he/she may retake it under the following conditions.

    1. Tests can only be retaken once.
    2. Tests must be taken at school between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.
    3. A parent must be present, in the classroom, during the entire test.
    4. Parent will turn off the cell phone during the test.  
    5. If a cell phone goes off or is used by the parent during the retake, the test will be stopped immedately and the original test score will be recorded.
    6. Parent may not sit near the test taker and will refrain from conversations during the test.