• Unit 1: Characters with Character:  Reading selections "King Arthur: The Sword and the Stone", "Merlin and the Dragons", "Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady", "The Pardoner's Tale" from The Canterbury Tales, and "Elizabeth I".
    Activities: Questions relative to themes and life in the Medieval era of Europe.  Writing comparisons of selections.  Writing evaluations of selections.  Character analysis. 
    Students will also work on identifying nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, the correct use of capitalization, and usage of commas.
     Unit 2: Perseverance and the Short Story: Students will read various selections involving people who demonstrated strong personal and moral character in the face of adversity.  Part of this Unit will focus on the American Civil rights movement. Students will also complete a section of study on the short story as a literary form analyzing various works of fiction and sub-genres of fiction.
    Vocabulary for unit will be assigned and discussed.  Comparison of characters from previous fiction and biographical selections will be a focus at the start of the unit.
     Unit 3:  Courage and Drama as a Literary Form: The Diary of Anne Frank dramatic work study and additional nonfiction selections on the Holocaust including  overview of WWII history and associated vocabulary.
    Unit 4:  Poetry and Myth: Students will study the different forms of poetry and analyze them for meaning, purpose, theme, structure, and use of language.  Students will study myths, folklore, and legends as literary forms and examine how they reflect the culture of origin.  Students will also begin extensive and intensive review for EOG tests at the end of the school year.
    Unit 5:  Science Fact vs. Fiction:  Factual articles about science will be compared with fictional selections based on scientific concepts and themes.
     All units of study will be assessed through question sets for each piece of literature studied, multiple choice and short answer written response tests, and writing activities.
    Students will also do written reports on independently  read materials.