Blacken' the Dog Enterprises: A Marketing Consulting Firm

    This Marketing Education classroom operates as a simulated workplace environment.


    Key Terms

    WORKPLACE SIMULATION: classroom within the school mimicking a productive, safe, efficiently run business.


    Simulated Workplace promotes authentic work-based learning opportunities and environments that result in:
    1. A school-wide cultural change;
    2. Increased student leadership and engagement; and
    3. Instructors transitioning to facilitators.


    OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires employers to maintain reasonably safe and healthy workplaces

    OUTCOME: All CTE students graduate from high school career and college ready.

    The STUDENT is identified as employee (with specific real world of work job titles, responsibilities, and tasks that align with job descriptions of the real world of work.


    The TEACHER is the acting CEO, or employer and facilitator.


    The COMPANY is known as Blacken the Dog, Enterprises


    TRAINING CENTER identified as the lab or a work station.


    Employment Application word doc.

    Employment application pdf.