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    IXL Website


    Read the information below before going to the website!

    Your Usernames and Passwords are on the paper I gave you. You are responsible for keeping it in a safe place. I suggest you put it in the envelope in your interactive notebook and bring it to class everyday!  

    Usernames are your "firstnamelastname945", all lowercase without spaces and your Password is your "student id#".

    Once you are signed in, choose the Math icon!

    You will be doing lessons in Algebra I "A1"Geometry "G", and Algebra II "A2"! You must score 80 or higher on each lesson! This is the grade you will see in PowerSchool! Mastery is the goal! You should take advantage of time given in class to work on these assignments and work on them at home!  All lessons must be completed by June 8th 2019!

    Make sure you only do the assigned lessons. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR DOING LESSONS THAT ARE NOT ASSIGNED!


    Algebra I Lessons: (Go to Algebra I "A1")

    Properties - H.4;

    Direct and inverse variation - R.4, R.5, R.6, R.7, R.8

    Quadratic Equations - BB.3, BB.5, BB.6, BB.8, BB.9, BB.11, BB.12, BB.13;  

    Exponents - V.10;


    Geometry Lessons: (Go to Geometry "G")

    Algebra Review - A.3, A.4, A.9, A.10; 

    Points, lines, and segments - B.1, B.6, B.7, B.8, B.9;

    Angles - C.1, C.3, C.4, C.5, C.8;

    Parallel and perpendicular lines - D.3, D.4, D.6, D.7;

    Introduction to triangles - F.1, F.2, F.3;

    Two-dimensional figures - G.1, G.2, G.3, G.4;

    Logic - I.1, I.2;

    Introduction to congruent figures - J.1, J.2, J.3;

    Congruent triangles - K.1, K.2, K.3, K.4, K.5, K.7, K.8, K.9, K.10, K.11; 

    Transformations -  L.10, L.11, L.12, L.14, L.15, L.16; 

    Triangles - M.1, M.2, M.3, M.4, M.5, M.8, M.9;

    Similarity - P.1, P.2, P.3, P.4, P.5, P.7, P.8, P.10, P.12, P.13; 

    Right triangles - Q.1, Q.2, Q.3, Q.4;

    Trigonometry - R.1

    Probability - X.1, X.2, X.3, X.4;


    Algebra II Lessons: (Go to Algebra II "A2")

    Systems of Equations - E.15;

    Families of Functions - P.1, P.2, P.3, P.4, P5, P.6;

    Parabolas - T.1, T.2, T.4, T.5, T.6, T.7, T.8, T.9;

    Radical Functions and Expresions - L.4, L.5, L.7, L.8, L.9, L.11, L.13;

    Rational Exponents - M.1, M.2, M.3, M.4, M.5;

    Probability - CC.6, CC.7, CC.8, CC.9, CC.10, CC.11, CC.12;

    On a separate sheet of paper, write the lesson, section, and your grade! This will be turned in once all lessons are complete! The lessons don't have to be done in order but they must be on the paper in order!


    Factoring: AA.1 - 100

                    AA.2 - 85

                    AA.4 - 70

                    AA.5 - 95

                    AA.6 - 100

                    AA.7 - 85

                    AA.8 - 70

    Quadratics: BB.1 - 90

                      BB.2 - 100

    and so on!!!!!!!!!