• English 1/ English 1 Honors Syllabus

    Contact Information

    Room: F106

    E-Mail Address: merri.sayler@robeson.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 910/671-6050

    Course Objectives: In this course, students will have the opportunity to primarily read and discuss grade level literature and non-fiction texts.  We will annotate non-fiction texts, study William Shakespeare and the themes in his play, Romeo & Juliet, rhetorical devices as found in famous speeches, and character development in the short story. Students will also develop and refine their writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills throughout the semester.

    Course Texts: The following district-approved texts will be covered over the course of the academic year:

    • Holt: Elements of Literature: Third Course– anthology that contains short stories & poetry
    • Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
    • com
    • Google Classroom – check for assignments!
    • Other texts to be determined

    Materials: It is important that students come to class prepared to participate and learn every day.  Therefore, I expect every student to bring the following materials to class daily:

    • folder and paper
    • blue/black pens, pencils
    • highlighter
    • post-it notes when reading/reviewing texts
    • Honors classes will need 100 – 4 x 6 lined index cards (NOT the standard size), and 300 – 3 x 5 lined index cards
    • Cheap headphones for computer use


    • YOU are responsible to find out what you missed if you are absent. You have five days to turn in work.
    • If an assignment was given BEFORE you were out sick, i.e. long term project, due dates still apply – don’t PROCRASTINATE!!! Doctor’s note required if missed when project’s due.
    • Speak to teacher about make-up work before or after class in private, not during class time.
    • Work CANNOT be made up for unexcused
    • You are responsible to schedule alternate make-up exams after school with excused absences

    Classroom Procedures: All students are expected to follow the Lumberton Senior High School student handbook at all times when on campus. Please review these rules in the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, students are to behave according to the following classroom rules and procedures, in order to make the learning experience safe, engaging, and productive for all students:

    • Cell phones need to be powered off and placed in the student’s assigned holder. (No tests or quizzes can be taken with cell phone in your possession. It must be powered off and placed in your assigned holder.)
    • Talking while any student is still taking test/quiz can result in a zero on YOUR paper.
    • Classwork and projects – your letter grade drops one full letter grade for every day late.
    • Be IN YOUR SEAT when bell rings unless you are speaking with me or have permission to be up. Begin daily starter upon entering room.
    • Be quiet during office announcements and news. (There could be a POP Quiz!)
    • Respect others and their property. This includes not talking when teacher is talking and not making negative comments about/to others.
    • Gum should not be seen nor heard.


    • sleeping or laying head on desk
    • food or drinks (CLEAR water bottle with screw on cap is allowed-water only)
    • grooming (fixing hair, putting on make-up, perfume, etc.)
    • electronics – school policy applies. If I see it or hear it, I turn it in to office.

    When a substitute teacher is present, rules still apply. Immediate referrals to office may be given for any classroom disruptions when substitute teacher is present.


    • All work must be labeled in top right corner. Include first and last name, period, date, and assignment.
    • Work must be done in pencil, blue or black ink. Assignments done in other colors of ink or pencil will not be graded, unless specific directions for color are given.
    • Write neatly and legibly. If I cannot read it, I will not grade it. Do not doodle on papers.
    • Work is considered late if not turned in when I collect it from class.
    • For an assignment to be considered “finished,”  ALL questions must be answered – and they must be answered with complete sentences. I do not collect INCOMPLETE work. FINISH your assignment before submitting.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. It can result in an automatic zero on any assignment. This includes copying other student’s work!

    PSRC Grading Scale:

                90-100 = A; 80-89 = B; 70-79 = C; 60-69 = D; 0-59 = F.

    Extra Credit  VS.   Regular Credit

    Extra Credit is exactly what it says – EXTRA: as in, over and above the expected work. If you do not do what is assigned in class (regular credit), please do NOT come to me and ask for extra credit to make up an assignment you chose not to do. I will assign extra credit at my discretion. Many times I give it last minute as participation points in classroom activities so plan to be ACTIVE in class!

    Academic Honesty:

    Cheating and plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated in this class. I will enforce the school’s policies as stated in the Student Handbook. Copying someone else’s work and putting your name on it is included in this statement. Exercise your mind and take pride in submitting your own work.

    I am very excited that I will be your English teacher this year.  I feel truly honored to be able to help students grow as speakers, listeners, analytical thinkers and writers.  Most importantly, I appreciate the unique opportunity of watching every student become a more thoughtful and compassionate individual.  I hope that each of you will bring the same enthusiasm and fervor to class each day.                                                                                     ~Mrs. Sayler

    My parent/guardian and I have read this syllabus and understand I am responsible for all information contained herein.


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