• NC Math I Course Syllabus – 2019-2020

    Room B12 Teacher: Mrs. Crystal Womack Email: crystal.ford@robeson.k12.nc.us

    Course Description
    North Carolina Mathematics 1 provides students the opportunity to study traditional topics from algebra, geometry,
    probability, and statistics in a problem-centered, connected approach. Students will be expected to describe and
    translate among graphic, algebraic, numeric, tabular, and verbal representations of relationships and use those
    representations to solve problems. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software,
    will be used regularly for instruction and assessment.
    Materials: You will need to bring the following materials with you to class every day.
     Pencils!!! (Students will not be allowed to use pens when completing assignments.)
     1.5 or 2 inch binder (with 3 dividers)
     Loose-leaf Paper
     Graph paper
     Composition Book
     Highlighter
     #2 Pencils
    Student Expectations
    1) Respect one another. Among other things, this means that only one person speaks at a time, no
    cell phones in class, no profanity, and everyone puts forth an honest effort.
    2) Participate as much as possible. Mathematics is all about exploring ideas.
    3) Come to class on time, every day, prepared to work for the full class time.
    4) No food or drink in class—bottled water is okay.
    5) If you need help, please ask for it!
    6) Be aware of all information in the student handbook. All rules in the student handbook apply to
    every class period, every day.
    A NOTE ABOUT CELL PHONES: No cell phones or other electronic devices should be seen or heard during class. If
    this happens, the device will be taken and can be picked up in the office at the end of the day by a parent or guardian.

    30% Tests
    20% Quizzes/Notebooks
    20% Classwork/Participation
    15% Projects
    15% Homework
    Progress reports will be sent
    home every two weeks. Please
    sign and return these reports.

    Homework: All assigned problems must be attempted and
    supporting work must be evident. Homework is graded upon
    effort and completion rather than accuracy at the teacher’s
    discretion. Late assignments are not accepted, except in the
    case of an absence. Homework checks will be given DAILY.
    When we review homework, it is up to you to check the
    assignment carefully and make necessary corrections. Your
    homework should be completed every night.

    Grading Scale
    100-90 A
    89-80 B
    79-70 C
    69-60 D
    59 & below F

    PowerSchool Portal
    Students have access to their grades through the PowerSchool Portal. Students are encouraged to
    check often their grades and progress through the portal. A PowerSchool access link is located on the
    Fairmont High School Webpage.

    Disciplinary Policy: Every day you have a choice to make
    about your actions. Should you choose to violate any
    classroom or school policy, you choose to accept the
    consequences that go with your actions. Consequences:
    1 st Offense: Warning
    2 nd Offense: Warning
    3 rd Offense: Parent Contact
    4 th Offense: Referral to office
    For serious infractions, an immediate referral to the office
    will occur.

    Honor Code: Cheating is an Honor Code
    violation. You will receive a zero if you are caught looking at
    someone’s paper during a test or quiz, copying someone’s
    homework, or allowing someone to copy your work.

    Course Outline (Subject to change)
    Unit 1 – Equations & Introductions to Functions
    Unit 2 – Linear Functions
    Unit 3 – Systems of Equations & Inequalities
    Unit 4 – Exponential Functions
    Unit 5 – Polynomials & Quadratic Functions
    Unit 6 – Statistics

    Other Classroom Procedures

    Passes for Leaving Class: You will be allowed 5
    emergency passes per quarter. Passes may not be
    used at the beginning of class, during a test, or
    while I am teaching. I will keep record of passes
    used. Please note upperclassmen are not allowed
    in the common area of B-building.

    Make-Up Work: If you miss class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed during your absence. For
    each day absent, students are given five (5) days to complete make-up work. Missed quizzes or tests can be made up
    before or after school (you may be given an alternate form of the test/quiz). On the day you return from an
    absence, see me immediately to schedule the make-up test or quiz. It must be made up within five days of the
    absence. Remember, students are allowed to miss a maximum of five (5) days per semester.
    Exceptions: Students absent on the day of a test or quiz are expected to make it up the day they return. If you are
    absent from class for a field trip or other school-related activity, the 5-day rule does not apply. Instead, you are
    responsible for getting all work before you leave. If you are out on a review day, you are still responsible for taking
    tests on the following day.

    All students are required to keep a notebook for
    notes, classwork/homework, graded